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Down at the county jail, there's one hanging from a bed sheet waiting for a call that isn't gonna come, but if you heard them tell it down at City Hall, it's thank god for the tax dollar saved by the offing of a bum, and one does coke, the other did weed, the cops are on the corner saying don't obstruct the peace, and now his mother's there, she's tearing her hair, the traffic is serenely rolling past without a thought because they're on that fix. It's a bad time in America, ah-wuh-huh.
Jenny was painter, Marty painted grease, and we all paid the rent but by the skin of our teeth until the plant closed down and gut that town, now refugees are moving where the slumlords lease, and they speak a different language, but their kids know how to hide in Arizona where they're scared of getting found because they passed some legislation and it's getting time we asked, was this the liberty or is it just the land of cash? On that fix. It's a bad time in America, ah-wuh-huh.
Down in the finance district, everybody's betting house money outweighed by insurance just to watch it fall, well it's a new sensation, Frankenstein's creation, 'til the invisible hand hit back with the country on call and now you can't catch us, we're out with cash, it's hallelujah gentlemen the market's gonna crash and when the mob comes round, we can't be found, we're limited liability you can suck on that cause we're on that fix. It's a bad time in America, ah-wuh-huh.


from The Grist That Keeps On Giving, released January 5, 2014


tags: folk New York


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Sticks Calliope New York

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